Ulanda Kay-Coleman

From her 1st Yin yoga class Ulanda knew it was a changing point in her life.  Finding a deeper connection to herself and opening up gifts and abilities, that once occurred so did the desire to learn and know more and share it with others.

Yin, Hatha & Restorative Yoga graduate, Reiki Master, sound healing facilitator, Quantum Energy transformation coach, intuitive energy scan practitioner and student of many other healing and transformational modalities. Working with tools such as pendulums, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals and essential oils. working with clients to heal their body and soul from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.

She teaches from the heart her classes are intuitively sequenced, infused with healing energy and designed to be accessible to all, her calm soft and genuine presence encourages students to honour themselves exactly where they are. Ulanda’s intention is for you to find a way to a peaceful connection to yourself and she is beyond grateful and abundantly blessed for the opportunity to be able share the healing experience with you.


Available in private one on one or in semi private and group options

Quantum energy clearing & alignment – private sessions only

Intuitively tuning into the body to release stuck and stored energy and emotions

Tuning fork sound healing

Each tuning fork tuned to a different frequency by allowing the tones to connect to the body brining the body back into alignment

Gong and crystal bowls sounds bath

Relax and let the frequency and vibrations of sound move through you and around you permeating every cell bring relaxing, clearings and bringing you into alignment

Restorative and Sound

Gentle restorative yoga poses supported by blankets and bolsters finding peace and calm finishing off with the crystal bowls and gong.

Gong Meditation

Just pure gong, find a comfortable place to lay and take in the tones and vibrations of the gong

Energy Connection class

This hour class combines a multitude of modalities to move energy through the body, balancing and realigning finishing up with sound meditation and healing

Sound bath

Crystal bowls, gong, chimes, tuning forks, tang drum all combining to immerse you in an experience of sound.

Restorative & Reiki

Adding in gentle reiki energy on or off the body to relaxing restorative poses.

Crystal and Sound bath

Crystals intuitively selected and placed on the body amplifying the frequency of sound bath.

Custom combo

Have a combination of modalities you would like putting into a custom private experience just let us know and we will try our best to make it happen


Private one on one sessions:

45 minutes long – $80

90 minutes long – $150

semi privategather a group and book your own private group session

min 2 participants $50 each