Karen Jones

Hi, I am Karen Jones I am 60 years Young and have been in the field of energy and personal discovery for 30 years.

Through my own journey of Personal development I acquired many tools to support you in your journey of self-discovery.  My journey began with a terrible car accident, a surgery that went wrong and my mobility taken away from me. Stage set, awakenings begin.

I am an Empath; I can sense and feel energy. I also have to ability to hear what is not being said. Over the years I have acquired tools that have helped me move forward and uncover my own personal blocks.

On my journey I have also acquired a passion for Doterra oils. They have become a powerful tool for helping create new neural pathways through aroma. When we start to break down old patterns, Doterra oils will be a great asset to you in helping support breaking old habits and creating new ones.

I also fell in love with Sound Therapy. We are sound; every organ has its own unique frequency. When we are in balance we play like a finely tuned orchestra. When we are out of balance we are out of tune. Through sound we can move blocked energy held stagnant in the body causing dis-ease.  Again tools for supporting you in moving forward.

My greatest passion is to help you realize your potential, break through old patterns and live your best life. Becoming an Emotions Mentor Coach has opened the door for many more tools and techniques to add to my tool box.  I am honored to support you in your journey as we discover your best self.

Emotions, Empowerment and Energy Coach

Reiki Practitioner and Master for 30 years

Sound Therapy, Practitioner and teacher.

Doterra Wellness Advocate.

Facilitator of Guided Meditation and Light Language.


Harmonic Facials  

Take a basic facial to a whole new level and go home feeling energized, balanced, and looking vibrant!

Experience this Unique transformative facial that includes  cleanse, tone, scrub, facial massage, mask, a hand and arm massage and a head massage. With the addition of playing crystal singing bowls while you mask is on.

Go home with cleansed bright fresh feeling skin, with a deep glow and  your energy field strengthened ready to take on the world! 

” I just experienced this new treatment and loved how my skin looked and how I felt afterwards!  ” Trudy

One Hour Harmonic Facial – $100.00

Pathway to Transformation  (coaching), 

Are you ready to navigate your emotional stories and belief system? Are you struggling to break free from limited beliefs buried emotions and crippling fear of being yourself?

In looking at your family beliefs and how you were raised, your stories and what values you hold, we can uncover where you may be stuck in an old pattern. 

Often we are unaware of how often these patterns play over and over in our lives.  but with awareness we can begin to create new patterns that align with your future and you can release yourself from ground hog day.

 I can support you in breaking free from those invisible chains that have held you in place, to feel better , free , more alive and live from a space within you.

“I am excited to offer this coaching from Karen as she has a key influence in my life for her intuitive guidance and immense wisdom of how to achieve personal balance and clarity on life issues.”  Andrea.

30 Minute Introductory Consultation, Complimentary…

90 Minute Emotional Empowerment Session $111

60 Minute Emotional Empowerment Session –  $80.00

light codes body attunement

Intuitive Body Work started for Karen about 4 years ago when she laid her hands on people’s body’s and Light Language symbols began to appear on their bodies.  In this transformative session Karen moves gently from the top of the head to the toes unwinding energy and removing blockages as she works through the body.   This is completely intuitive body work that Karen has developed herself.  The high frequency of the light language symbols speak to the body and the soul on a deep level.  

“I have personally loved these sessions and seen amazing change in just two sessions with the amount of tension held in my spine and neck! Lesley 

One Hour Session – $100.00

Sound Healing Session
Karen is a master of sound healing and light language!  Each of the organs have their own unique frequency and when one is out of balance it can entrain others to be out of balance. Tuning forks balance the nervous system, enhance relaxation, stimulate chi, reduce stress and inspire calmness and tranquility. Enjoy a rejuvenating and expansive Sound Healing Session with Karen and be transported to another realm!  

Using solfeggio sacred sounds to bring the body to a state of deep relaxation ready to release store emotion in the field and the body.  

One Hour Session – $100.00

Orgonite & Sound Chakra Balancing Session 

When our chakras are open and balanced energy can flow freely through the body and mind.  When the chakras become blocked this can lead to stagnation and can contribute to fatigue and sluggishness. Each chakra is associated with an organ in the body. Balancing the chakras allows energy to flow more freely though our energetic system. Get your Chakras aligned and feel rejuvenated and balanced! 

Orgonite products are powerful Spiritual tools that can be used to enhance all areas of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They can best be described as transmitters of Universal energy, also known as Source Energy, Ether and Zero Point Energy. This is the force behind all creation and has the capacity to transform lower vibrational (negative) energy into higher vibrational (positive) energy.

40 Minute Session – $85.00

Symphony of Cells.

Combining the power of essential oils and gentle soothing  massage strokes to bring harmony and balance back to the body

Symphony of cells is a powerful  protocol of layering pure essential oils along the spine, feet neck and inhaling the aroma to bring balance to the body, mind and soul. 

Carrier oil is applied to the back, and one by one the oils are dripped down the spine. Then gentle circular motions moving upwards towards the head are taken as the oils are absorbed by the body. We all need time to sooth away stress and allow the body time to come back into balance and harmony.

45 minutes session- $100

Hot stones relaxation.

Release stress and tension with the warmth of the hot stones

Hot Stone Therapy is an ancient healing art that has been rediscovered! With this therapy Basalt Stones are heated and applied to the body in relaxing, unique ways. This goes way beyond the physical experience of typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being. Experience this hour long session with warm oil, hot basalt stones made from volcanic rocks that are heated in warm water massaging the body with long strokes. The hot rocks are then placed in various areas of the body to promote deep relaxation. Walk away feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured and with a deep sense of calmness

one hour session- $100

To book please contact karen directly at


613 894-6758