Teen Yin Yoga

Teenagers, not unlike all people, need to ease the everyday stresses and pressures of their lives. Come and find out why yoga is such a great activity to be soothing away stress.

Practicing Yoga at an early age helps promote self confidence, a positive self-image and wellness in a non-competitive environment. It will help improve your child’s strength, flexibility, and coordination. Your child will learn cooperation, compassion, and techniques for self-care, such as meditation to calm and focus their mind.

Physical benefits of Teen Yin yoga 
§  Supports growing bodies and tones the body, stabilizing core muscles and maintaining joint mobility 
§  Teaches how to use their bodies in a healthy way.
§  Develops good posture and helps maintain a young person’s natural flexibility 
§  Develops body awareness.
§  Supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
§  Helps prevent sports injury 
§  Improves co-ordination and balance 
§  Teaches techniques in helping body to relax 
§  Improves sleep
Mental + emotional benefits of Teen yoga 
§  Develops  stress management techniques; breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.
§  Helps to build a positive relationship with the body 
§  Releases day to day anxieties such as separation issues, bullying, lethargy and feelings of negativity  
§  Offers a space to release excess energy 
§  Brings clarity through relaxation techniques  
§  Gives experiences of stillness to the mind 
§  Improves memory retention 
§  Builds concentration
§  Slows brain patterns, making information easier to absorb 
§  Creates a deeper sense of self and awareness
§  Increases confidence and positive self-image.
§  Encourages being part of a supportive, non-competitive group

Join us for this 6 week Teen Yin Yoga series for a perfect pause in between the hectic worlds of school, friends, family & studying.

Running Thursday evenings from 4:30- 5:30pm starting May 4th through June 8th

* 6 week series $60

* Drop in $12

* 2nd child receives $10 off package or $2 off drop in price

Cash, cheque or E-transfer accepted