Laurie Lynn Clark

Reflexologist, outdoor educator and circle facilitator

Laurie Clark is a reflexologist, outdoor educator and circle facilitator who believes the most ecologically responsible thing we could do is to deepen our creative consciousness with self. 
Laurie initiated her Reflexology practice in1998 at Guelph General Hospital Occupational Health Unit where she treated staff undergoing stress in the work place. She initiated and facilitated holistic health education lectures for hospital staff seeking information about alternative health modalities. She has lectured and offered holistic health education and provided therapy sessions for community outreach programs in hospitals, hospices, highschool physical education health classes, Early Childhood Education conferences and Homewood Psychiatric Institute in Guelph (Ontario), Banff (Alberta), Loja Ecuador and Lanark County. 
Presently, Laurie lives with her family in Lanark Highlands where she offers restorative health and nature connection programs to enliven and enrich one’s interaction with self and with others. Her work as a team leader and circle facilitator with Lanark County Community Justice exercises her practice and passion in restorative communication for youth and adults throughout Lanark County community. For more information about her programming in the Lanark Highlands contact her at